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Sustainable Livelihood and Social Development Programme (SLSD / Phase 1)

Introduction: In the SLSD Phase 1 three years’ period (15 May 2013 to 31 May 2016) geographically covered six districts of Tani, Gurbuz, Zazi Maidan, Dand Pathan, Zazi Aryub, and Mirzaka in Khost and Paktia provinces of southeast region.

The SLSD Programme contributed to Afghanistan National Development Strategy by supporting vulnerable families in income generation, nutrition improvement and food diversity, access to safe and clean drinking water with hygiene and sanitation awareness, improving agriculture infrastructure and irrigation system improvement. Furthermore, played active role in sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in the six targeted districts of Paktia and Khost provinces, by improving coordination and collaboration at district and provincial levels between local communities and authorities and responding to local community priorities needs and implementation of sub-projects in which community was empowered through technical assistance to take lead in implementation of their proposed projects. .

SLSD Programme continued to build on local governance structures (DDA and CDC) and focuses on community empowerment for the implementation of agriculture infrastructure and drinking water pipe scheme sub-projects through the signing of MoUs, and encourage the involvement of government authorities and community representatives in project launch and close-out stages. SLSD also continues the practice of signing individual MoUs with families’ representatives to clarify and ensure rights and responsibilities and the contribution of families and SLSD in planned interventions. MoUs for Infrastructure projects are signed at a higher level including DAIL & DRRD Directors and district governor/DDA, CCDs while other MoUs are directly signed with beneficiaries, with DDA and district government extension staff also signing to certify the process (e.g. for new orchards establishment, or poultry farming beneficiary)

SLSD also focuses on improving coordination and collaboration between local communities and government authorities through sub-project activities and provides a platform to discuss major problems such as the impacts of deforestation and to identify possible solutions to be included in future interventions.

TLO SLSD Programme has used bottom-up and top-down approaches; in bottom-up focus was on community strong engagement and development of new sub-projects based on community prioritized needs and problems, and implementation of the approved infrastructure sub-project through communities to ensure community ownership, contribution and maintenance of the infrastructure after handover to community and DRRD. In the top-down focus was on coordination of SLSD Programme activities with line ministries, provincial line directorates, and local authorities to ensure their collaboration, avoid duplication and a line the interventions with national priority programs and Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

TLO-SLSD Phase 1 Operational Final Report