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Sustainable Livelihood and Social Development Programme (SLSD / Phase 2)

Project Short Description: The SLSD Phase 2 project covers the time-period of three years from 01.06. 2016 to 31.05. 2019. The overall project goal consists of “contributing to the inclusive socio-economic development of rural communities in Khost and Paktia through natural resource management and income opportunities benefiting both male and women while strengthening local communities and service delivery institutions”. The two main outcomes of the project are that the “target rural communities’ improve livelihoods” and that “local communities and institutions improve capacity and deliver better services”. These outcomes should be achieved through increased income from agriculture and livestock production, improving agricultural land irrigation systems and protection from flood hazards, decrease in water-borne diseases, application of NRM and DRR measures, and support the PAIL Directorates to function according to their role and responsibilities. SLSD Phase 2 is Ongoing the data will be update...