Sustainable Livelihood and Social Development (SLSD) Phase 1&2:

The SLSD Project Phase 1&2 supported a total of 14,148 families in 14 targeted districts of Paktia and Khost provinces. This includes supporting 2,756 families in agriculture, 1,966 families in poultry farming and goat rearing, 5,695 families in irrigation system improvement, and 3,731 families in access to safe and clean drinking water.

Additionally, the irrigation system of 1,120 hectares’ agricultural land was improved, 223 ha were covered by NRM measures, 68,098 man-days of skilled and unskilled labor wages created, benefitting rural community members.

Furthermore, 7,315 individuals (M/F) were trained in hygiene and sanitation, 1,422 individuals trained in natural resource management (NRM) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) measures, 394 community members trained in technical aspects, 10,163 farmers in improved agriculture and livestock practices, 698 in construction activities, and 115 PAIL extension staff and Afghanistan Veterinary Association (AVA) para-vets capacity built-in agriculture extension and livestock management activities.

Furthermore, two provincial conferences were organized against deforestation in Paktia and Khost provinces. Also, the establishment of Khost nursery association was supported by SLSD.